Worker's Compensation


Let Our Expertise Help You.

We have been practicing workers compensation law in Peoria since our beginning and this gives us the knowledge and experience to help you acquire the settlement you need. Workers’ Compensation means paychecks while you are off work, quality medical care by someone you choose, and compensation for disability in the future.

ALL injuries must be reported to your employer within 45 days of the injury.  Claims must be properly filed within 3 years of the injury date. Please, don’t wait to report your injury. Too often employees will wait to report and it becomes too late to help. When an injury occurs, take a stance and report it.

Furthermore, don’t count on an insurance company to protect you. Instead, come to Harvey & Stuckel and get the help you need from one of our lawyers!


Things you need to do

  • Report the injury to your employer

  • Fill out an accident report if asked to do so

  • Get medical treatment – you can go to your own doctor

  • You do not have to accept treatment from the company doctor

  • Be open and honest with us about the nature of your injury

  • CALL US!